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Date Posted October 19, 2013
News Title Dance Parties
Posted By Administrator

What ever your needs, we can enhance your event with the fun and excitement of the latest moves and music.

Princess parties!
Rockstar parties!
Hip Hop parties!

Customized Themed Parties
90 Minutes of Dance and Fun....................$225

For your convenience, the instructor will handle the entire celebration. The first hour consists of dancing and fun activities. The remaining 1/2 hour is time for treats, opening of gifts, etc....

Note: Party prices are based on 10 children. Add $3 for each additional child attending.

Go to our Photo Gallery for pictures from our great DANCE PARTIES!

Teachers, performers and interactive Motivating Dancers available at your request for:

-Father/daughter, mother/daughter dances
-Girl/boy scout parties
-Special events
-Halloween parties
-And more

For more details and to reserve your date, please call. Dance Incorporated - 636-394-0023

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