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Date Posted June 02, 2012
News Title Enrollment Information
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Accepted by phone, mail, online or at the studio.

Tuition based on total hours per week

Accounts payable by auto-pay, cash or check.

Amount is charged six times per season - NOT MONTHLY

AUTO-PAY with Credit/Debit cards
Tuition is paid automatically (AUTO-PAY) by charging class fees to accounts (six times a year) - approximate dates, Sept. 1, Oct. 15, Dec. 1, Jan. 15, March 1, April 15 or first payment is enclosed.

All other forms of payments due Bi-Annual - Sept. 1(Fall Season) Jan. 15 (Winter Season).

An annual $50.00 family registration fee (non refundable) and $25.00 per additional family members fee (waived if enrolling in adult or summer only) are due when registering.

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